Photo by Timmy Mohr

Trevor Boffone is a Houston-based scholar, educator, writer, dramaturg, and producer. He is a member of the National Steering Committee for the Latinx Theatre Commons and the founder of the 50 Playwrights Project. Trevor has a Ph.D. in Latinx theater and literature from the Department of Hispanic Studies at the University of Houston where he holds a Graduate Certificate in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. He holds an MA in Hispanic Studies from Villanova University and a BA in Spanish from Loyola University New Orleans.

Trevor researches the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and community in Chicanx and Latinx theater and performance. His first book project, Eastside Latinidad: Josefina López, Community, and Social Change in Los Angeles, is a study of theater and performance in East Los Angeles, focusing primarily on Josefina López’s role as a playwright, mentor, and community leader in Boyle Heights. Eastside Latinidad explores the mutual relationship between theater and community, and analyzes how theater and performance can be used as a critical framework to promote positive social change and new subjectivities on the Eastside. Eastside Latinidad examines the textual and theatrical strategies of contemporary Latinx theatermakers based in Boyle Heights that use performance as a tool to expand notions of Latinidad and (re)build a community that reflects this diverse and fluid identity.

As a member of the Steering Committee for the Latinx Theatre Commons, he serves on the Resource Generation Committee, Translation Committee, and the Café Onda Editorial Board. He curates the Pedagogy Notebook, a recurring blog series that serves as a pedagogical resource for educators and scholars looking to incorporate Latinx theatre into the classroom. Currently, he is co-editing (with Teresa Marrero and Chantal Rodriguez) an anthology of plays from the Los Angeles Theatre Center Encuentro 2014. He is also co-editing (with Amrita Das, Kathryn Quinn-Sánchez, and Michele Shaul) an anthology of Latinx plays in Spanish.

He has published and presented original research on contemporary Latinx theatre and literature, Chicana feminist theater, community-engaged theater, the body in performance, new play development, Deaf Latinidad, Queer Latinidad, as well as on the theater of Adelina Anthony, Nilo Cruz, Virginia Grise, Josefina López, Cherríe Moraga, Monica Palacios, and Carmen Peláez. His writing has appeared in Theatre Journal, GESTOS, Latin American Theatre Review, American Theater MagazineLabel Me Latina/o, Gender Forum, The Rocky Mountain Review, El Mundo Zurdo 4, Voces del Caribe, UpstageCafé Onda: Journal of the Latina/o Theatre Commons, HowlRound, Sounding Out! The Sound Studies Blog, Spectrum SouthOutSmart Magazine, and The Panza Monologues Blog. In 2014, he served as a Research Fellow at LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections at the University of Texas at Austin for his project Bridging Women in Mexican-American Theater from Villalongín to Tafolla (1848-2014).

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