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@dr_boffone is an Instagram account with the goal of documenting how Dr. Boffone uses dance to connect with his students, build genuine relationships, and create a more inclusive classroom.

Originally, @dr_boffone began as a means to create a digital community with his students, but within a few days, the account quickly went viral. Within a few months, Dr. Boffone’s follower account passed 100,000 and he garnered local attention on ABC13 News and the Houston Press and national attention in May 2019 when he and his students were featured on Good Morning America before a live audience of 5 million people. 

Since then, Dr. Boffone has been engaging with other educators about how to incorporate his methods into their classrooms. He is currently writing a book about using Dubsmash, dance, music, and social media in the classroom as a way to break down traditional barriers between students and teachers and create a more inclusive pedagogy.